My 2015 in under 150 words

A great writing prompt I found on Medium says, “In one hundred and fifty words or less, describe one of the happiest days of your life.” Instead, I will use these 150 words to describe how my 2015 went:

Opportunities appeared, while others faded. This year, I enjoyed my favorite college classes and struggled through my least favorite. My newly declared career path demanded focus, so others fell away as mere passing fancies. I neglected music in order to hop on the computer science bandwagon. I found and lost a relationship. I climbed my way to a leadership position at The Daily Californian but relinquished other extracurricular activities. Ireland became a new home, but I lost any illusions I had about the perfection of Europe. Despite my desire to explore every corner of the world, I discovered limits to my time and energy. But those limits also helped me gain focus, and now my world is sharper than ever.

Summary of winter break/Star Wars mania:
My brother and I raced to find a product with Star Wars packaging in the Target groceries section. He won by finding Darth Vader (and friends) Mac & Cheese.

Few regrets.

How was your 2015?


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