A workaholic’s struggle with Christmas

Tonight is Christmas Eve, and I’m desperately trying to squeeze this blog post out onto the Internet. Vacation? What vacation?
I never thought I was a workaholic. I usually watch other people and think, “Wow, they work so much harder than I do!” But tonight is evidence that I am overly obsessed with productivity.
This week, the first week of freedom after my final exams, I felt guilty every time I hung out with my friends or watched Netflix. I also watched Star Wars, went on a family trip, and completed a home-improvement project. I am spending holiday break like I should be. Why do I feel so guilty?
I made a list of a billion projects to complete over break, but never thought to actually enjoy my break. I have trouble focusing on the present moment. When I try to meditate, a string of thoughts rudely run through my head to plan out the next minute, the next hour, the next week. I’m terrible at meditating because I’m terrible at relaxing.
So the next item on my to-do list: learn how to take a break.
Merry Christmas!


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