I wrote a program



Last semester, a question suddenly occurred to me: “what were my top five favorite classes at Berkeley?” At the time, I was learning about sorting algorithms through Josh Hug’s fascinating online lectures. For some reason, I was especially mesmerized by the shell sort.

I decided to write a program that would help me rank my classes. It would present me with two options at a time, ask me to choose my preferred option, and put all my classes in order based on my choices. The program would help me compare all the classes to each other using a shell sort algorithm and display my final sorted list.


I procrastinated for a while, but finally settled down one afternoon and banged it out in Python. It now works for any list of items that I want to rank in order!


My next step is to get it out of my terminal and up on the web. I’m not sure how to do that yet, so it would be great to hear suggestions from you. I was thinking of using a GitHub project page, but I have some more research to do. Time to get back to work.

6 thoughts on “I wrote a program

  1. I don’t remember how I first set up Git on my computer ahaha oops.

    But a Github project page is an absolute fantastic idea, and should take less than half an hour to set up!


  2. Haven’t done Web programming, but are you planning on taking data from the user and sending it to your python script? Wonder if this might present a security concern.

    One possibility is to covert your python code into Javascript and embed it into the html. Then everything will run on client-side. There seems to be a python to Javascript converter here though I have never used it http://pyjs.org

    Lets see what you come up with.


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