Netflix and blogging: TV shows I’ve watched

LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 29: "Who Wants To Be A Godparent" "” When Lily and Marshall can't decide on godparents for Marvin, they put the gang to the test to see who would make the best one, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Oct. 15 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured left to right: Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders (Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)
The HIMYM gang. Image credit: CBS.
Whether I’m meeting someone new or catching up with an old friend, one subject always comes up in the conversation: what TV shows have I watched? It’s been difficult for me to remember all of them, so here’s a list of shows I’ve enjoyed or are currently enjoying:
(Disclaimer: wow, it sure looks like I watch way too much TV. I promise I do work sometimes.)

How I Met Your Mother
Whenever I can’t decide what show to watch, I fall back on HIMYM. I’ve seen every episode of all nine seasons so often that all the characters have become old friends. My real friends and I also like to compare ourselves to the main cast.

I dislike Ross Geller with a passion, but the other five characters make the show worthwhile. I’ve finished all ten seasons and am currently re-watching. Still, How I Met Your Mother will always be my favorite sitcom.
Game of Thrones
I’m caught up on season five, and I’m currently waiting on the April arrival of season 6. I’ve read up through Storm of Swords in the book series, but the beginning of A Feast of Crows bored me. I’m not crazy obsessed with the show, but I constantly listen to the soundtrack while I study. I also visited some of the filming locations while I was Ireland.


Jessica Jones
I rave about this show, despite my friends’ skepticism. This show is not your typical superhero show: it’s better. Jessica is so sarcastic, and David Tennant’s Kilgrave is the most wonderfully loathsome villain I’ve ever watched. Can’t wait for season 2.


This show blew me away from the start. The way each international cast member connected with each other across the globe sums up everything I enjoy about traveling narratives and translation. I chugged through season 1 in three days, and I can’t wait for season 2. Especially more scenes with Max Riemelt.
Sherlock (BBC)
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is the perfect Sherlock Holmes/John Watson couple. I love how well the fast-paced crime-solving scenes balance with the witty humor. I miss seeing Cumberbatch’s floppy hair and navy peacoat. If only he weren’t so busy being a popular actor.


Jane the Virgin
Gina Rodriguez is wonderful as Jane, the artificially inseminated pregnant woman who dreams of being a writer. This telenova-esque show is purposefully cheesy, but its depiction of familial and romantic relationships is so heartwarming.  The show also provides insight into Latin American life, which I rarely get to encounter. Season 2 is not on Netflix yet. Boo.


Once Upon a Time
I watch this live-action fairy tale show with my friends. Some of its themes, like “true lovers will always find each other!” are corny, but it’s all in good fun, mostly. Lana Parrilla is an awesome Evil Queen.


Pretty Little Liars
Despite what everyone says, PLL is not just a chick flick. Sometimes, it even veers into horror territory. Most of its scenarios are wildly improbable, but it does a good job setting up suspense for “A” reveals. I love a good mystery.


This raucous cast never fails to make me laugh, even if the humor can be disgusting and misogynistic. Spy stories and clever comedy? Yes please!


My friend introduced me to this show, and it’s a pretty fun spy thriller. The premise might be really far-fetched, but I enjoy watching Maggie Q kick ass.


Shows that I no longer watch:


Modern Family
I loved it in the beginning, but it got stale somewhere in season 4 or 5, I forget. The characters started to become caricatures, and the storylines began to repeat themselves.


Big Bang Theory
It also got stale somewhere around season 4 or 5. The jokes just stopped being as funny.


Shows that I never got hooked on (feel free to convince me why I should keep watching):


House of Cards, Mad Men
After two semi-interesting episodes, I stopped watching House of Cards. As for Mad Men, I’m just not into the old times. I guess I just don’t enjoy stories about white men grubbing for power.


Arrow, Flash
Stephen Amell is good-looking, but I wasn’t a fan of his, or anyone else’s, acting. My brother loves Flash, but I wasn’t that into it.


Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad
The first episode of OITNB was intriguing, but I never felt the need to return to it. I was forced to watch the pilot of Breaking Bad in AP Psychology class, but didn’t get addicted. Like most other shows, they probably get better. I just haven’t been motivated to find out yet.


Office, Parks and Recreation
The pilot episodes were really awkward. I occasionally watch Parks and Rec with my roommate or my brother, but not on my own.


Fresh Off the Boat, iZombie
The pilot of FOTB was hilarious. Two episodes after that? Eh. I also felt apathetic about iZombie after an episode where zombie/human Liz says, “I know Kung Fu!” What is it with Western media’s fascination with Asian gangs?


I’ve also watched the pilots of Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Community, and Psych. 

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