barcelona part 15 (i go to a wedding)

My hilarious friend Jihoon basically summed up my visit to Barcelona in pictures.

Jihoons Thoughts: A Blog for people who dont want to read a lot

people from ireland program visited for weekend.

its cold there so i took them to the beach

DSC_2241 tanline

DSC_2243 hotties

went to old gothic city

DSC_2245 basic af. blocking the road for these nice cyclists

DSC_2246 food

DSC_2247 prob for instagram.

went to see the cathedral


pretty much a tour guide now


DSC_2257 crazy bullshit happening outside on the plaza. must bring to america

next went to rambla de raval or something like that.

its the ethnic district i think

DSC_2261 funk band with dancing baby

DSC_2263 giant cat statue

then we went to a bar

they all had girly drinks

DSC_2264 i had a girly drink too. #selfbasic

nice and quiet in the early morning

should be like this all the time

DSC_2265decided to go to montserrat. which is a mountain

had to take train

DSC_2266 y r u reading a map karen. were on a train. you dont decide where to go. you are not train…

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