What my wall calendar means to me

Without getting too personal, I’m going to admit that 2014 was an important year for me. I experienced a growth spurt in every way except physically. And it seemed not too long ago when I was scouring the malls to find the perfect 2014 calendar to decorate my wall.

My annual wall calendar shopping ritual can sometimes be annoying for my family. As New Year’s Day approaches, I drag them to every calendar-selling mall or bookstore, picking up twelve-month compilations of puppy or Harry Potter photos before setting them back down on the stands. I show each contender to my family, asking “should I get this one? Or this one?” The process is as delicate as choosing a prom dress.

The pressure to choose the right calendar is enormous. The calendar must reflect who I am and represent my good taste, every single day of the year. If I bring home a mistake such as one of those “Hot Guys and Baby Animals” calendars, I’ll have to face it for the entire year. I suppose I feel the same apprehension as coupled people who look at their significant others and wonder if they can really spend the rest of their lives together.

Sometimes I do mess up. In January 2014, I brought home a Big Bang Theory calendar and hung it on my wall before realizing that not only was it tacky, but I was also starting to develop apathy for the show. I immediately went back to the Great Mall and bought a Dancers Among Us calendar. As I held it, I knew it was The One. I would gladly spend the rest of 2014 looking at these beautiful photos.

This year, I chose a Yoga Dogs calendar, where every month features a dog Photoshopped into a yoga pose against a calming background. I can rest easy knowing that in five months, I will be staring daily at a ridiculous picture of a Shih Tzu doing the “Upward Bow Pose.” It’s not the perfect calendar, but it’s funny, relaxing, and absolutely me.

Here’s to 2015 and making the right choices.

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